Sheep Wool How About The Difference In Wool

  Sheep Wool From the sheep who called the wool, the industry called sheep wool, wool even if very fine, we also called it wool professional, and not called cash, of course, can also be called fine wool.

Only cashmere from the goat is called cashmere, that is, cashmere, cashmere (Cashmere). Cashmere is grown in the outer surface of the goat, covered in the root of the goat coarse hair layer of thin velvet, winter cold grow out, to resist the cold, spring after the fall off, naturally adapt to the climate, are rare special animal fiber.

1. Sheep Wool The scales of wool are close and thicker than cashmere, and their velvet is larger than cashmere. Cashmere fiber scales are small and smooth, the middle of the fiber has an air layer, so its light weight, feel smooth waxy.

2.Sheep Wool The curl of the wool is smaller than the curl of the cashmere, the curling rate of the cashmere fiber, the curling rate and the curl recovery rate are all large, and it is suitable for the knitted fabric with full feel, softness and elasticity. It is comfortable and natural to wear Good reduction characteristics, especially in the show does not shrink after water, good shape and so on. As the cashmere natural curl high, arranged in the spinning weaving closely, holding force is good, so the warmth is good, wool is 1.5 times to 2 times.

3. Cashmere cortical content higher than the wool, cashmere fiber stiffness than wool is good, that is more soft wool than wool.

4. Cashmere fineness unevenness than wool, the appearance of its products better than the quality of wool.

5. Cashmere fiber fineness uniformity, its density is smaller than the wool, cross-section of the regular round, its products lighter than wool products.

6. Cashmere moisture absorption than wool, can fully absorb the dye, easy to fade. High moisture regain, the resistance value is relatively large.

7. Wool resistance to acid, alkali resistance than cashmere good, when the case of oxidants and reducing agent is also smaller than the cashmere damage.

8. Usually the anti-pilling products of wool products than cashmere products, but the fusibility of shrinkage.