Sheep Wool Fiber Fineness Is Not The Same

Sheep Wool Fiber fineness is not the same

First, the different sources: cashmere and wool grow in different types of sheep - wool from the sheep, and only the goat who have cashmere.

Second, the collection method is different: the collection of wool as barber, with scissors all shaved on the line, each sheep can produce a few kilograms of wool per year; and cashmere long in the roots of goat hair, cashmere collection with a special iron comb like hair The same little comb down, each sheep who can only harvest a few grams.

Third, the fineness of fiber is not the same: cashmere diameter of 14 to 16 microns, much more than wool;

Fourth, the fiber shape is not the same: wool wool scales are sharp, and cashmere scales are round; cashmere no medulla.

Fifth, the characteristics are not the same: cashmere warm is 1.5 to 2 times the wool, feel more silky, slightly wrinkled as long as hanging one night will be able to restore the formation, and cashmere products do not shrink after washing.

Cashmere sweater raw materials are cashmere, the world's total cashmere production accounted for 2% of all fabric fibers in the world, which 2% of 60% produced in China's Inner Mongolia cashmere manufacturers, that is, China is the world's best Cashmere producing areas. Cashmere sweater features are: light, soft, warm, waxy, very suitable for personal wear, warmth, breathability, comfort are very good. The world's annual production of cashmere if all used to make cashmere sweater, then the world every 5,000 people can share 1.

Sweater is the raw material wool wool, sweater is not suitable for personal wear, there will be a bar feel. There are good JS to some of the better quality, relatively soft sheep wool marked as "cashmere" to Huyou consumers. Sheep is not cashmere, the so-called cashmere is only longitude 105 ~ 115 °, latitude 35 ~ 45 ° between the area of the high-cold cashmere goat body produced. And wool is the best Australian production, the world's annual production of wool wool if all the production of sweaters, then the world can have two each person. Cashmere has irregular thin curling, composed of scales and cortical layers. Villus no hair marrow, coarse hair is mostly hair marrow. Cashmere scales density of 60 to 70 / mm; fiber diameter than fine wool is also fine.

(-) sensory method

1 cotton cloth: cloth gloss soft, soft, flexible, easy to fold. Hand kneading fabric loosened, visible obvious folds, and the fold is not easy to restore the status quo. From the edge of the cloth out of a few silk latitude and longitude yarn twist to watch, the length of different fibers.

2, sticky cotton (including rayon, rich cloth): bright and bright cloth bright, colorful, smooth and smooth, soft to the touch, poor flexibility. Hand kneading cloth after release, visible obvious crease, and the crease is not easy to restore the status quo.

3, polyester and cotton cloth: glossy cotton cloth bright, smooth cloth, clean yarn or no impurities. Feel smooth, crisp, elastic than cotton cloth is good. Hand pinch cloth loose, crease is not obvious, and easy to restore the status quo.