Sheep Wool Does Not Contain Regenerated Hair

Sheep Wool Does not contain regenerated hair

Sheep wool refers to high-quality wool that does not contain recycled wool (which allows non-wool fibers to contain 5% of the performance for the decoration or reinforcement of the fabric), first introduced by the International Wool Board in the Chinese market in 1998. Pure wool logo is designed for the use of sheep wool products registered by the International Wool Board registered and solely owned, is the global consumer trust quality logo. In addition to the wool content must be more than 95%, requiring its color fastness and wear resistance and some other key indicators should be developed by the quality and technical indicators, only to allow the use of pure wool logo. The blended wool mark is a high quality mark used for high quality wool blended products. The proportion of sheep wool is not less than 60% (such as wool blended, the proportion can be reduced to 55%). In addition to sweaters, carpets and hand-made wool, it can be used in all apparel products, zero shear fabric, curtains, all decorative fabrics and blankets. Its quality must also meet the guidelines set by the International Wool Board. Machine wash wool signs that clothing can be washed with washing machines, trademarks are described. It allows washing in the warm water 2min (minutes), rinse 1min, drying function to dry the excess water. Do not mix other clothing when washing. Machine wash wool can also be dry cleaned. A washing machine can be used to wash the sweater, wool must meet the quality standards, including the sun color fastness, water fastness, machine washing color fastness and other nine technical indicators. To achieve these indicators, you can use the International Wool Board machine wash wool logo. Cool wool mark specifically for the weight of very light wool wool fabric, the weight per square meter can not exceed 240g, and can achieve pure wool logo product standards. It has a dry feel and not easy to play the ball and so on. Its fabrics include crepe, poplin, gabardine, tribute, thin flowers and other fabrics. Sheep wool in the wool cashmere products inside is also second only to the cashmere material, lamb hair as the name suggests, taken from the sheep cut the first wool (about 7 months old). Lambs are naturally soft, smooth and elastic.

Washing, drying, ironing, folded into the box. Other note: cashmere sweater in the early wear, the general will be a slight pilling, scissors can be used to cut off gently, should not pull by hand, so as not to damage the fiber, there hole. Such as the emergence of holes or opening, etc., with the spare yarn to the manufacturers or shopping malls after-sales service point to repair.

Sweater: the raw material is wool wool, sweater is not suitable for personal wear, there will be bar people feel. There are good JS to some of the better quality, relatively soft sheep wool marked as "cashmere" to Huyou consumers. Sheep is not cashmere, the so-called cashmere is only longitude 105 ~ 115 °, latitude 35 ~ 45 ° between the area of the high-cold cashmere goat body produced. The best of wool is made in Australia. According to the relevant provisions of the state, marked as "pure wool" products allow a certain amount of non-wool fiber, the wool fiber content as long as more than 95% on it. 100% pure wool clothes is not there, but because of its gross amount of how much, but also a direct impact on the warmth of clothing and the price. Content of more than 95% in order to mark the pure wool, marking the real pure wool logo for the cloth, generally sewn in the collar or side seam, the text, the pattern is composed of three hair groups into a clockwise logo, There are letters representing the registered trademark.