Inner Mongolia cashmere trading center: advancing cashmere trading scale and normalization

I was ditch hangjinqi Tara, has more than 1000 of these lambs at home, they are actually small traders came to our House to buy, not only lower the price, and sometimes on credit get back now to sell raw cashmere trading center, where buyers, at reasonable prices, and pay in cash, you can go home the same day. "Selling raw cashmere in Inner Mongolia cashmere trading center for very satisfied with Lee.

I know found surrounding farmers and herdsmen in Inner Mongolia cashmere trading center not only buy cashmere, cashmere storage enterprise throughout the country is willing to come here to collect the cashmere, cashmere range not only here, but good service. From Bayan Nur city heard Wang Qiang Centre fully operational, will want to have a look. Did not expect the next day bought dehaired cashmere worth more than 1 million, said the deal, Wang kept thanks to the trading center for the financial support he provided. "The trading center, not only cashmere range, and also provide financial services acquisitions, I idle cashmere as collateral, with cashmere Trade Center 1.4 million loans, arrive in the afternoon, charged with bank interest, but more than the banking convenience. I put this batch of cashmere processing, exports to Taiwan, earns around 100,000 yuan per ton. "Said Inner Mongolia cashmere trading center in the first sale, Wang Qiang was satisfied.