Development Of Camel Hometown Industry Folks Are Rich

Hexigetu, a "$literal" Mongolian youths, brain was born in the siziwang banner wood more Su Bao daily Gacha. Graduated at the beginning, he had, like most young people, hard fighting in the city, but in the end he chose to return to his hometown in siziwang banner, began his path of entrepreneurship.

As a 29-year old Director of the cooperative, hexigetu, said: "looking for an oasis in the desert ' camel ', which are the people who give me the title, but my idea is very simple, is to let hometown camel industry developed, for folks rich. When I was a kid, Gacha, a lot of people feeding camels, my father kept a few camel. In those days people just selling camel hair, cashmere, to supplement the family income, family drink camel milk, did not bring much benefit. ”

After graduating from University, hexigetu to see the hometown of the herdsmen still have taken the family farming model, despite the increase in the population, but still could not scale. "When I got the idea of germination has create cooperatives. I do market research, determine the Bactrian camels of farming suited to local ".

After months of preparations, the hexigetu founded the Gobi camel farming cooperatives in siziwang banner.

Start at the beginning, many herdsmen of cooperatives do not understand, to join in a cooperative, hexigetu a got a go, patience and herdsmen explained the advantages of cooperatives and development prospects, make this herders can safely join the cooperatives.

Through the efforts of hexigetu, the cooperative was founded four years, participation by nomads reached 35, breeding two 3200 peak.

When it comes to the next phase of development, hexigetu said with confidence: "before each camel herders home cashmere, wool is not much, on the sell price. Now with cooperatives, Nomad camel meat, milk, wool and cashmere to cooperatives and cooperative sales, not only sell for a good price, buyers are more willing to cooperate and cooperatives. Now is to step up internal and external publicity, and encouraged herdsmen to join cooperatives, outreach to our camels and culture, I want to lead more Mongolian young rich, let the folks back home are rich. ”