Cashmere Yarn Yarn Density

Cashmere Yarn Yarn density

The determination of the yarn density of the knitted fabric is studied in this paper. It is pointed out that for yarns with known nominal linear densities, the straightening tension can be established according to the standard, and then the yarn length and quality can be measured. Finally, the yarn density is calculated according to the formula. For yarns with unknown nominal linear density, Should estimate the yarn line density, and then calculate the straightening tension, and then carry out the length and quality of the measurement and the calculation of linear density. It is shown that this method can accurately detect the yarn density of the yarn in the fabric of the knitted fabric, thus filling the shortage of the yarn density measurement method of different varieties in the textile standard.

1 Overview Yarn line density is one of the commonly used indicators to describe the thickness of the yarn, the legal unit for the tex (tex), that is, per kilometer (km) yarn (or monofilament) has a common weight (g) The The yarn density determines the variety, purpose, style and physical and mechanical properties of the fabric. Cashmere yarn manufacturers yarn density test to determine the length of the sample, the quality of which the length of the determination of the frame length measuring instrument, the quality of measurement with arm balance or electronic balance.

2 purpose and requirements

Through the test, master the yarn line density test method, cultivate the ability to skillfully use the instrument to understand the factors that affect the yarn line density test results, and learn the calculation of the indicators.

3 Adoption of standards

3.1 Adoption of the standard: GB / T 4743, ISO 2060.2 "Determination of the yarn density of textile yarns,

3.2 GB / T 9995 "Determination of moisture content and moisture regain of textile materials, oven drying method", GB / T 9994 "Conventional moisture regain of textile materials", GB / T 9995 "Standard weather for humidity control and testing of textiles" GB / / T 6503 "Synthetic filament regain test method", GB / T 6502 "synthetic fiber filament sampling method", FZ / T 10035 "textile materials marked linear density of the general system (Tex system)", FZ / T 01015, ISO 6741-1 "Measurement and calculation of the quality of the commercial quality of textile fibers and yarn deliveries" and so on.

4 instruments and appliances

4.1 ray yarn measuring instrument (Figure 1 for the YG086-type yarn length measuring instrument).

4.2 Ventilation type quick oven (Figure 2 for Y802K type ventilation type quick oven), chain balance or electronic balance (sensitivity 1mg or 10mg).

5 principle

Yarn yarn measuring instrument controlled by a single microcomputer, you can set the number of turns around the circle (yarn box circumference) one meter, pre-tension can be adjusted, the instrument starts after the motor drive frame rotation, according to the provisions of a certain The length of the yarn (a twist), by stranded as a sample. The wound yarn is then dried by a ventilated quick oven, the sample is weighed in the box, and finally the yarn density is calculated from the measured mass.