Cashmere Yarn Quite Flexible

Cashmere Yarn Quite flexible

With the popularity of cashmere products, counterfeiting, adulteration more and more serious, such as mixed with wool, rabbit cashmere, mink cashmere, etc., but mixed with wool wear on the bar, mixed with robe on the hair loss, mixed with mink Ball, and real cashmere, suede rich, lint-free, not shabby, warm, soft. As the cashmere is not enough understanding, so many people have been deceived. Cashmere yarn manufacturers to remind you, you can identify the following ways:

1. Touch: cashmere sweater surface 60-70 mm, hair than ordinary wool, the average fineness in 14-16um, so touch a kind of silky feeling, quite comfortable. But the mall in some cashmere sweater, feels very slippery, touch the fingers after rubbing the feeling of sliding, it is the top of the clothes spilled talcum powder.

2. catch: wool hair has a medulla, is solid, and cashmere sweater wool is no marrow hollow, so quite flexible. Grasp a hand, there is a feeling of glutinous rice elastic plate.

3. put: grab a cashmere in hand, and then let go, cashmere because it is animal protein, and will immediately resume flat, difficult to wrinkle.

4. Photo: holding a cashmere sweater, look at this light, rub the cashmere sweater to wear the density of small lines clear and tidy, not easy to reveal the light. Density loose is the regulations out of chaos, easy to light. A good cashmere sweater not only requires a good cashmere purity, but also requires a certain amount. This is an important symbol to determine the cashmere sweater.

5. Dian: Dianzhe about the weight of cashmere sweater, too light the amount may be discounted, manufacturing density is not enough. And too heavy may be mixed with wool.

6. burn: cashmere sweater burning not only issued the fog of protein and flint, burning speed is also slow, after burning the gray powder, a touch that is broken. And wool burning also has the smell of protein and flint, but the fiber ash due to the burning of Chinese fiber and shrink into a spherical shape. Ingredients: 50% Glue 20% Rabbit 20% Nylon 10% Wool | 50% Polyester 20% Acrylic 5% Wool 20% Nylon

Color: more than 300 kinds of spot color.

    Wool blended fabric, that is, cashmere, polyester, spandex, rabbit hair and other fibers and wool mixed textile fabric.

Wool and viscose blended fabric: shiny dim. Spinning class feel more weak, woolen class is loose. This kind of fabric elasticity and crisp feel less than pure wool and wool polyester, Mao Qing blended fabric. If the adhesive content is high, the fabric is easy to fold

Cashmere yarn manufacturers Product Description:

1, wool blended yarn is a high-grade ancient textile raw materials, it has a good warmth, and soft and smooth, suitable for urban fashion crowd.

2, wool blended yarn (color) line as the new rise of the yarn industry a wonderful work, by the world famous clothing brand and designer favorite and favor!