Cashmere Type Of Cashmere Products

Cashmere Type of cashmere products

Type of cashmere products

Cashmere is divided into white, green and purple velvet.

A: white cloth with soft nap

1. Color: light blue and grey, do not have any variegated villi, otherwise it will be treated with green velvet. White velvet color ratio is 150%.

2. Origin: Mongolia autonomous region is China's famous white wool production areas, which are found in ordos city, this paper, an adapted this flag, jungar banner, dalad, BaMeng, QianQi, region during and after the settle mouth county, the league of Arab states, left and right flag and mesozoic-cenozoic, etc. In April 1988, the people's government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region accepted the name of "Inner Mongolia white cashmere goat" with about 4 million new species. 

3. Features: slender fiber, strong tensile strength, good weak property, high net velvet rate, and the color of ice sugar. Baotou white cloth with soft nap is the white, slender fiber, tension, luster for the best quality in the pile of Inner Mongolia, is the national famous white wool origin, which are found in xilingol league area of doren velvet, zhao wuda au hadad velvet is bluish white, slender fiber, resistance is bigger, good gloss, softness is the white cloth with soft nap is a bit poor, among them such as yingkou, Gai County, tgo, qinghai, LiuYuan, Tibet, hami also produce white cashmere. Due to the dry climate in these areas, there is less sandy soil and high content.

Second, the green cloth with soft nap

1. Colour: light blue and gray, allowing for a small amount of black silk, with a difference of 120%.

2. Origin: blue velvet is the wool produced by green goat and brown goat, and the blue velvet is produced in China. It is mainly produced in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region of xilin guo luau, and the best quality is in ulanchabu.

3. Characteristics: long fiber, but thicker, strong tension and luster. Cashmere production areas in China in addition to the above and other regions, also production in xinjiang, the xinjiang cashmere regardless of white, green, purple velvet, red velvet is mixed acquisition, classification, now hami district, xinjiang were predominantly white hair, blue velvet, fiber length, fineness and coarse green velvet with red meat. The kashgar area is mainly made of purple velvet, because of the poor quality of the grass in the area, the purple velvet black.

Three, purple velvet

1. Color: purple velvet is purple, regardless of color depth is purple. White, green and red velvet is allowed, with a color ratio of 100%. The color contrast is according to the market demand and the different prices of the cashmere products, such as white wool product price high, can do white or light color dark purple velvet can only do the product price is low, but sometimes, because of market supply and demand, color comparison will also change.

2. Origin: purple velvet is the wool and purple velvet of the black goat, which is divided into two varieties, the bao zi lu and shunde road. Package zi lu near the original refers to Inner Mongolia, baotou of violet velvet, now package word road has expanded to shaanxi, gansu, qinghai, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, ningxia, Tibet, such as shandong, hebei, zhangjiakou region. Shunde road not only refers to the hebei chengde , xingtai area, tangshan, baoding, shanxi, anyang, xinxiang, luoyang and other regions, with purple velvet YiKeZhaoMeng of wushen banner of Inner Mongolia autonomous region quality best, the nation.

3. Features: positively purple color, long fiber fine and soft, fine oil, fat thickness, tension, good gloss, high downcontent, package word yulin cloth with soft nap of the road for the better, produced in purple, violet velvet of long fiber, luster, good because of local grass and water, from the purple velvet with grass fragrance, YiKeZhaoMeng this flag and adapted to produce the purple hair is a bit poor in wushen banner of violet velvet, but are of good quality purple velvet, suide velvet, velvet thin stick and oil pollution. The light color of the base of the cream and the skin of the skin. Shanxi Province, hebei province and other areas of the purple velvet, the fiber is thicker, the wool is longer, the color depth is not consistent.