Cashmere The Advantages Of Introduction

   Cashmere is a rare special animal fiber (and sheep wool are different), is a precious textile raw materials, foreign called "fiber diamonds", "soft gold". As the Asian Kashmir region in the history of cashmere was exported to Europe, the distribution center, so the international custom used to "cashmere cashmere"); China uses its homonym for "cashmere."

   Cashmere is from the goat body to take down the villi, which cashmere goats produced by the quality of the best hair, the annual spring is the occasion of the goat hair removal, with a special iron comb from the goat body to capture the villi, known as the original velvet. Wash the original cashmere carding, remove the original wool in the coarse hair, dead hair and dander after the cashmere, known as no plush. Cashmere has white, blue, purple three colors, of which the most precious white cashmere. China's plush-free quality standards are divided into five grades, according to the rough rate and with the rate and length of the indicators of classification, white cashmere and purple velvet grading standards are also different.

Cashmere is long in the outer surface of the goat, covered in the thick part of the root of the goat coarse thin velvet, grow into the cold winter, to resist the cold, spring after the fall off, naturally adapt to the climate.

   Cashmere is a thin and curved fiber, which contains a lot of air, and the formation of air layer, can prevent the invasion of external cold air, keep the body temperature will not be reduced. Cashmere is much lighter than wool, outer scales are also finer than wool, smooth, so light weight, soft and tough. Especially suitable for making underwear, personal wear, light, soft, soft, slippery, very comfortable, is any fiber can not match.

  Cashmere with irregular thin and deep curl, composed of the scales and the cortical layer, no medulla, scales density of about 60 to 70 / mm, the fiber cross-section similar to the round, but also smaller than the fine wool , The average fineness of more than 14-16 um, fineness uneven rate of about 20%, the length is generally 35-45mm, strong elongation, hygroscopicity is better than wool, set thin, light, soft, Keep warm in one. The fibers are strong, elastic, and have a natural soft color. Cashmere is more sensitive to acid, alkali and heat than fine wool, and even at lower temperatures and lower concentrations of acid and lye, fiber damage is also significant and particularly sensitive to chlorine-containing oxidants.

One is slim, soft and warm. Cashmere is the finest of the animal fiber, Arbas cashmere fineness is generally between 13um-15.5um, natural curl high, arranged in the spinning weaving closely, holding force is good, so warm and good, is the wool Of the 1.5-2 times. Cashmere fiber scales are small and smooth, the middle of the fiber has an air layer, so its light weight, feel smooth waxy.

Second, the natural color soft. Cashmere fiber fineness uniformity, density, cross-section for the regular round, strong hygroscopicity, can fully absorb the dye, easy to fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere with glossy natural, soft, pure, beautiful and so on.