Cashmere Excellent Quality And Characteristics

Cashmere Excellent quality and characteristics

Cashmere manufacturers cashmere is very precious, not only because of the production of scarce (only the world's total output of animal fiber 0.2%), more importantly, its excellent quality and characteristics of the transaction to grams of price. About 70% of the world's cashmere produced in China, its quality is also superior to other countries.

How to wash cashmere sweater, cashmere sweater after washing will shrink it? Cashmere sweater is made from cashmere. Cashmere and general wool are very different, it is long in the lower part of the goat hair is generally about to grow into the winter, when the spring off. As the cashmere fine and soft, light and warm, the output is very limited, so the higher prices for this cashmere and soft gold called.

Cashmere fiber is thinner than wool, lighter than wool, but shorter than wool. Cashmere compared with the wool, the fiber surface of the scales layer is different from the wool, cashmere is not easy to entangled between the felting, so the cashmere sweater is often not shrinking after the relaxation.

In general, cashmere sweater is easy to dry clean, according to the normal procedures of dry cleaning can be. But a cashmere sweater after repeated dry cleaning will become more compaction and not fluffy, light-colored cashmere sweater after dry cleaning will feel less translucent, cleanliness is relatively poor. So cashmere sweater in the appropriate time should be washed, the effect may be better. Cleaning cashmere sweater, the water temperature control in 35 degrees below the amount of water just did not cashmere sweater is appropriate. It should be noted that the water temperature can not be too high, hot water cleaning will be seriously shrunk.

Of course, cashmere quality also depends on the feeding method. And milk in the protein composition of the same reason, because the weight of the cashmere, the herders in order to pick cashmere, the goat fed so rich, although the increase in production, but reduced the quality. To improve the quality of cashmere supply, have to educate herdsmen, the use of the original ecological farming, and even to protect the ranch.

Cashmere according to its color is divided into white cashmere, velvet, purple velvet and so on.

White cashmere fiber slender, strong pull, weak, good net cashmere rate, color was crystal sugar. Baotou white cashmere was sub-white, fiber slender, large pull, luster for the Inner Mongolia cashmere in the best quality, is the famous white velvet origin, produced in the Xilin Gol League Duolun cashmere, Zhaowu Union of Hada velvet green White, fiber slender, strong resistance, good gloss, softness than the above-mentioned velvet slightly worse, which, such as Yingkou, cover county, Tongliao, Qinghai, Liuyuan, Tibet, Hami also produced white cashmere. As these areas are dry climate, the amount of sand containing less sand, so high cashmere.