Cashmere Advanced Wool Textile Raw Materials

Cashmere Advanced wool textile raw materials

Cashmere basic knowledge of a goat cashmere is a goat fine velvet, is from the cashmere goat and cashmere goats made on the villi, is a special animal hair, is a valuable textile raw materials. Cashmere fine and soft fiber, is a high-grade wool textile raw materials, textile fine wool and advanced material, fine light warm. Goat cashmere season is very strong, in April to May each year. In order to prevent the cashmere naturally fall off, usually in the cashmere top when the fleece. Fleece when the first grasp the back of the ridge, and then the two ribs, and finally catch the abdomen, head, legs, according to the procedures to capture the cashmere high quality. Cashmere is divided into white cashmere, velvet, purple velvet 3 kinds of white cashmere the highest value. The Asian Kashmir region has historically been the distribution center for cashmere exported to Europe. The international market used to call cashmere "Kashmir", the Chinese homonym for "cashmere". Cashmere with fine, light, soft, smooth wax, warm and good, and other fine features, mainly used for pure spinning or fine wool blended, made cashmere sweater, cashmere scarves, cashmere tweed, cashmere coat and other high-grade expensive textiles. Cashmere goats are generally grown in the alpine region, the body covered with thick outer hair, the inner layer of soft hair, the annual spring and summer of the hair naturally fall off. The breeder usually holds the hair in the sheep during the hair removal season. Velvet by the initial processing of impurity removal and carding treatment, remove the contained coarse hair, impurities, dust, etc., separated from the fine hair is called no plush, the general net cashmere with coarse hair rate below 0.5%.

Cashmere has irregular thin and deep curl, composed of scales and cortical layers. Villus no hair marrow, coarse hair is mostly hair marrow. Cashmere scales density of 60 to 70 / mm; fiber diameter than fine wool is also fine. Chinese cashmere average diameter of 14.5 to 16 microns, Iranian cashmere 17.5 to 19 microns, Afghan cashmere 16.5 to 17.5 microns. Fiber average length of 35 to 45 mm, breaking length of about 17 km, straight length of 3 times the natural length, hygroscopic than wool strong, warm and good. The response of cashmere to acid, alkali and heat is more sensitive than fine wool, and the damage of cashmere fiber is very significant even at lower temperatures and lower concentrations, especially for chlorine-containing oxidants. Cashmere world trade volume of about 6,000 tons, China accounted for about 3,000 tons, ranking first in the world, the quality is the best. China's cashmere origin in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Gansu, Shanxi, Ningxia, Tibet, Qinghai and other provinces, districts, each sheep annual output of about 200 grams. The world's major exporters of cashmere are China, Mongolia, Iran, India, Afghanistan and Turkey, the main consumer countries are the United States, Britain and Japan. Second, the basic terms 1. Cashmere: goat original cashmere, round cashmere, washed cashmere, carded cashmere collectively referred to as cashmere. Which is in diameter 25um and below the cashmere fiber. 2. Goat original velvet: made from a goat with a double coat of hair, the lower layer of fluff is mainly accompanied by a small amount of natural impurities, unprocessed fluff fiber. 3. Round cashmere: goat original cashmere after sorting, smelting machine after the round of the cashmere. 4. Wash cashmere: goat original cashmere, round cashmere after washing to achieve a certain quality requirements of the cashmere.