Cashmere According To The Color Is Divided Into

Cashmere According to the color is divided into

Cashmere is a rare special animal fiber, is a precious textile raw materials. China is the world's largest cashmere production, processing and export volume of the largest countries. With the varieties of cashmere products in China, the technical content of continuous improvement, the cashmere industry in the international market competitiveness gradually increased, but because some of the production enterprises and equipment level and the gap between the use of raw materials led to the market cashmere products Of the uneven, and even the emergence of fake and shoddy products, which not only harm the interests of consumers, but also affect the healthy development of cashmere industry.

What is cashmere?

 Cashmere is long in the goat's outer skin, hidden in the goat's coarse hair roots of a thin layer of fine velvet, winter grow, to resist the cold, after the spring off, so the output is very scarce. Cashmere according to the color is divided into white cashmere, velvet and purple velvet, which the highest value of white cashmere.

How to distinguish between the quality of cashmere and other animal fibers?

 How to buy high-quality cashmere and other animal fiber products has always been a special concern to consumers, but the cashmere, other animal fibers and other blended ingredients of the pros and cons is not simply look and touch can be identified. An important factor in determining the quality of cashmere is the length and fineness of the fiber. Compared with the low quality cashmere garments, the garments made with long and thin fibers are not easy to hold and retain the shape; the fineness of the cashmere fiber ranges from 14 microns to 19 microns, the more delicate the more delicate fibers. Through the analysis of components, fiber fineness test, fiber length test, moisture regain, moisture content test and coarse hair content test items can verify the quality of cashmere.

How to identify cashmere and other animal fibers?

 Cashmere, other animal fibers and other blended components of the detection, in the field of testing is recognized as the most difficult technical testing items, must be professionals with special equipment, through the identification of the fiber surface to complete the complex process. SGS's cashmere laboratory uses equipment such as micro-projectors, computer-based microscopes and electronic scanning microscopes. According to the characteristics of different samples, select the appropriate test equipment to ensure the accuracy of the results. Through the above instruments and equipment, we can observe the surface of each animal fiber surface characteristics, including scales, diameter ratio, medullary cavity characteristics, cross-sectional morphology and fiber smoothness, gloss, and then by the experienced professional test Personnel, through the animal fiber database in the sample constantly updated and aligned, can accurately and quickly identify the cashmere and other animal fibers.