Camel Hair The Color Of The Camel Hair

Camel Hair The color of the camel hair

At present, the market supply of camel hair is mainly two: one is pure camel hair. One is the camel polyester mixed hair, it is 50% of the camel hair and 50% of the polyester silk mixed processing, both to maintain the advantages of camel hair, there are not easy moth features. In the past two years, in the camel hair family, has added a new camel pile this new species. This is the use of camel hair cashmere, spinning camel hair yarn, and then woven into a variety of patterns and styles of clothes. Camel wool shirt light weight, good warmth, the appearance is also very good. Buy camel hair should first pay attention to whether the name of the factory, trademarks, such as the Shanghai camel hair factory "red double happiness" brand camel hair is the factory's traditional products, the quality of the implementation of "Three Guarantees", to guard against some traders on the market will be cilia Or other animal hair dyed camel hair color to impersonate deception. Camel hair color has milky white, light yellow, yellow brown, brown and other colors, fine fine camel hair mostly light. Camel plush is made of fine wool and coarse hair two types of fiber. Thick long fiber to protect the outer coat hair, hair up to 40 cm, commonly known as camel hair. Fine short fibers constitute the inner layer of warm hair, fiber length 4 ~ 12.7 cm, called Ceratoides. Camel hair has a unique natural color, hand picking is extremely important, mainly camel hair fiber thick, fine, color according to the processing requirements of the various points to distinguish. Hand split color, shunt after the turbine smelting process, according to the export needs after the carding, or then washed. Camel hair can be used for industrial fabrics, such as oil filter cloth and filler.

Ceratoides are composed of tens of thousands of elastic molecules, the elasticity of the fiber is large, it is not easy to deform, the hairiness is uniform, the hairiness is light, soft and fluffy, smooth and reduce the pressure on the human body (comfort) and can improve the body temperature Irregular, on the waist, leg pain, especially for arthritis, frozen shoulder, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, hypertensive patients, with excellent physical care health effects. It is particularly suitable for the elderly, children use and in cold and humid areas. Camel fiber is a hollow bamboo structure (composed of cortical and scaly layers, the cross section of the fiber is elliptical), which is conducive to the storage of air, so it has excellent warmth, moisture resistance, hygroscopicity, moisture resistance and Breathable, especially suitable for use in cold and humid areas. Cold weather can reduce the thermal conductivity, hot days when they can discharge the excess heat, so that the temperature inside the tile to maintain a comfortable (automatic thermostat moisturizing function, Dongnuanxialiang).