Camel Hair Fiber Properties

Camel Hair Fiber properties

Fiber feature editing of camel hair

Camels can adapt to bad cold summer in desert environment, mainly relying on its special fur organization, "camel hair" is taken from the camel abdomen of villi, due to limited output, precious degree after cashmere. They are called "natural protein fiber" and "soft gold" by fiber experts. Camel hair fiber is composed of tens of thousands of star elastic molecule, fiber resilience is big, not easy deformation, wool quantity even, qualitative light, soft and fluffy and smooth, relieve pressure on the body (comfortable), and can improve the high temperature and arrhythmia, the waist and leg pain, especially for arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, patients with high blood pressure, has the extremely good physical therapy health care function. So it is especially suitable for old people, children and in cold and wet areas. Camel hair fiber to the hollow bamboo-like structure (composed of cortical layer and scales, fiber cross-sections for elliptic cylindrical), promotes the storage of the air, so it has excellent warmth retention property, moisture, moisture absorption, insulation, moisture, air permeability and is particularly suitable for use in cold raw area. When it is cold, it can reduce the heat conductivity, and it can eliminate excess heat when it is hot, so as to keep the temperature of the velvet inside comfortable (automatic temperature adjustment and moisturizing function, winter and warm summer cool).

The Moorish exterior contains a substance called "pro-force side chain amino acid" that absorbs moisture from the air and removes it, keeping it dry and comfortable. The length of the camel's wool is superior to cashmere, which makes it more stable and durable.

Camel hair fiber in the special animal fibers in the friction effect minimum (namely, milling small), mat (harden) and not easily, but because the camel hair fiber special scale structure, fiber surface scales, rarely scales show cricoid or oblique strip against the trunk, edge smooth and obtuse, although so soft, but an inevitable phenomenon in local drill wool. 

To identify the fake camel hair editor

(1) visual inspection. High quality camel hair fiber long, luster, wool color has apricot yellow, palm red, silver grey, white and so on. Poor camel hair is black and wool is thicker. If the false camel hair is impostor, the general wool fiber is short, about 3 to 4 cm, and is coarser. If it is a kind of synthetic fiber, it can be viewed in the sun, and the ordinary chemical fiber is shining in the sunlight. In addition, some false camel hair impurity dust is a lot of dust, and because the raw materials are not washed clean, there is a stink. No moisture.

(2) fingerprint. High quality camel hair is soft, elastic and dry. The fake camel hair is generally less sensitive and less elastic.

(3) soak in boiling water. Soak or boil for a few minutes. If it's true camel hair, it won't fade. If it is a fake camel hair, the water will fade after it has been stained and the water will be camel.

(4) use fire. This is to distinguish between wool and chemical fiber. Take a small amount of the wool match to burn, the camel hair will smoke, blister, have similar burning the stink of the hair, burn the ashes much, and form a shiny black crispy, with the hand one twist to break. Fake camel hair is usually mixed with various chemical fiber. It has special odor when burning, such as viscose fiber with acetic acid, polyamide and celery smell, acrylic acid flavor, polyester fragrance and so on. In addition, after combustion, other than viscose fiber into the white powder, the other general is black hard block, with the hand easy to break.