Camel Hair Advantages And Classification

   Camel Hair At present, the market supply of camel hair is mainly two: one is pure camel hair. One is the camel polyester mixed hair, it is 50% of the camel hair and 50% polyester silk mixed processing, both to maintain the advantages of camel hair, there are not easy to moth-eating characteristics. In the past two years, in the camel hair family, and the new camel wool shirt this new variety. This is the use of camel hair cashmere, spinning camel hair yarn, and then woven into a variety of patterns and styles of clothes. Camel wool shirt light weight, warm and good, the appearance is also very good.

   Camel Hair advantage

Is an ideal warm material, a light weight, easy to wash, warm and good, the price is cheaper than the advantages of down.

   Camel Hair application

People like to use it as a filler for cotton or trousers or made of camel hair.

   Camel Hair The simple method of identification is;

First look at the color. Really camel hair, hair shiny, soaked with boiling water will not fade. And false camel hair, shiny dull, easy to fade with boiling water. Second, look at the villi. Really camel hair, cashmere strains are good, wool than wool long and thick, turned in the clothes is not easy to drill out. False camel hair, short and thin hair, turned in the clothes easier to drill out. This is a simple and easy way to identify.