Camel Fiber Features Editor

Camel fiber features editor

Camel can adapt to the harsh environment of the cold in the desert, mainly rely on its special fur tissue, "camel hair" is taken from the camel abdomen of the villi, due to limited production, precious degree after the cashmere. Known by fiber experts as "natural protein fibers" and "soft gold". Ceraca fiber consists of tens of thousands of elastic molecules, the elasticity of the fiber, not easy to deformation, uniform hair, light hair, soft fluffy, smooth, reduce the pressure on the human body (comfortable), and can improve the body temperature and rhythm Irregular, on the waist, leg pain, especially for arthritis, frozen shoulder, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, hypertensive patients, with excellent physical care health effects. It is particularly suitable for the elderly, children use and in cold and humid areas. Camel fiber is a hollow bamboo structure (composed of cortical and scaly layers, the cross section of the fiber is elliptical), which is conducive to the storage of air, so it has excellent warmth, moisture resistance, hygroscopicity, moisture resistance and Breathable, especially suitable for use in cold and humid areas. Cold weather can reduce the thermal conductivity, hot days when they can discharge the excess heat, so that the temperature inside the tile to maintain a comfortable (automatic thermostat moisturizing function, Dongnuanxialiang).

Ceraculite contains a substance called "parent side chain amino acid", can absorb moisture in the air, and be excluded, to maintain the cashmere dry, keep comfortable. Plus camel hair length is better than cashmere, but also to the overall stability of camel hair, which is more durable, the shortcomings can not wash.

Ceraca fiber in the special animal fibers in the friction effect of the smallest (ie, small velvet), not easy and (plate), but due to camel fiber special scaly structure, fiber surface scales are few, scales were ring or oblique strip close Trunk, smooth edges blunt, so although soft to the touch, but inevitably in the local drilling phenomenon.

Camel hair, is collected from the camel down the plush. Camel hair fiber slender, with a soft touch, warm and strong, not shrinking, no caking, durable, easy to wash, do not fade and other characteristics, is the vast number of consumers favorite winter goods.

Inner Mongolia camel hair, its production, fineness, length, color not only ranks first in the country, in the world also long renowned. Alashan League produced camel hair quality is best, commonly known as "the king of camel hair."

Hohhot is the main distribution center of Inner Mongolia camel hair. Camel hair cold and strong, and solid and durable, can be filled with clothing, textile woolen, weaving blankets and so on.

(1) visual inspection. High-quality camel hair fiber long, shiny, coat color apricot, brown, silver, white and so on. Poor camel hair is black, hair is also thicker. If the camel hair is premixed with wool, the general hair fiber is very short, about 3-4 cm, and relatively thick. If it is all kinds of chemical fiber posing, you can watch in the sun, the general chemical fiber in the sun shining bright light. In addition, some false camel hair dust dust dust a lot, and because the raw material is not washed clean, there is an smell of urine. No moisture.

(2) hand mold. High quality camel hair feel soft, flexible, dry. False camel hair general feel and flexibility are poor, and some have wet feeling.

(3) soaked in water. Take an appropriate amount of soak or boil for a few minutes. If it is really camel hair, will not fade. If it is false camel hair, because after dyeing, open blisters will fade, the water was camel.