Autonomous Region Allocated 4 Million Yuan To Support My Union Development Of Cashmere Industry

Autonomous regions stir development capital of 4 million Yuan for the cashmere industry, supporting my Union development of cashmere industry, promotion of alashan cashmere industrial structural adjustment and upgrading, and enhance market competitiveness of products such as high-end cashmere.

Alashan cashmere goat is peculiar to arid desert of wool, meat and excellent local breeds, produced by slender white cashmere fiber, gloss, high strength, whiteness and soft to the touch, excellent comprehensive quality, enjoy the "diamond fiber" "white white" reputation in the world, is the finest cashmere. Is a high-end cashmere textile products processing enterprises in favor of raw materials. In September 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the alashan zuoqi national Inner Mongolia cashmere goat is established protected areas and conservation field. In August 2011, the alashan cashmere goats by the Ministry of Agriculture certification and issuance of a certificate of registration of geographical indications of agricultural products.