Alxa League Border Cut Cashmere Collection For The Masses Of Officers And Soldiers To Help Alleviate People's Income

Alxa League border cut cashmere collection for the masses of officers and soldiers to help alleviate people's income, "thanks to your local police station officers and soldiers to help, which I no longer have to worry about shearing cashmere! "Pastoralists who lives in ejin banner, ALXA League of Inner Mongolia Ula Ula Gacha Dai green home has more than 150 pieces of sheep, one goat season of delinted, the couple is as busy as a bee. Recently, the ALXA League of Inner Mongolia public security Frontier Corps border detachment is Jing Zi DAI Qing Jia, border police officers and soldiers take the initiative to help him cut cashmere.

Entering May, Alxa League frontier detachment went to the border area's annual cashmere production-production cut of the season. Herdsman masses labor difficulties of limited-production cut in practice, officers and men of the detachment using "visits" to form "cut cashmere collection teams", helping mining area of herdsman masses cut cashmere. Meanwhile, the detachment of officers and soldiers has also been active use of new online media resources, and actively help the masses understand the market, seeking to sell. Up to now, has completed more than 1000 pieces of cashmere cut work, for the multitude of jurisdictions herders harvest of more than 100,000 yuan.