Wool judging

Fold 1. sensory identification method.

This method does not require any goods or equipment, rely on their own intuition of long-term experience of work, identified according to the texture of the fabric and suede. Rabbit hair fiber length of 30-50 mm. Angora, indicating high proportion rabbit ingredients, product grade. Wool and acrylic sweater (commonly known as false sweater), acrylic fiber is a unique wool-like characteristics, can make it difficult to separate. But look, the differences, there are also differences. Intuitively, wool products are relatively soft and resilient than major, color.

Fold 2. combustion method.

Wool products, burning, while smoke bubbles while burning, with the smell of burning hair, ashes, shiny black and brittle pieces. Acrylic products, combustion, dissolves slowly burning flame is white and bright, strong, slightly smoky, fish stench, gray-white round, crisp and crumbly. Nylon products, dissolves slowly burn, burn slightly white, small flame is blue, a celery flavor and light brown lumps, not easy to twist pieces.