Wool has a different classification and name

1. According to the histological structure: hair fibers can be divided into two types of myelinated and unmyelinated. Myelinated by scales,

3-layer cells of cortex and Medulla; nonvital pulpless mass. Scale layer has a protective effect, their shape and arrangement affected wool moisture absorption, felt and the ability to reflect light. Cortex connection under the cuticle layer, with strength, elongation and elasticity of the hair fiber, and the ratio, the greater the more fine wool. Medulla are the main features of spinal cord, is located in the central part of hair, loose structure composed of polygonal cells filled with air; cross section observation under a microscope, it is easy to distinguish its development. More development of the medulla, fiber diameter of coarse, process value lower.

2. growth characteristics, organizational structure and technology of wool fiber features: villi, creepy, two types of hair, bristles, and dog hair. Bristle is grown in the bottom of the face and limbs short, no process value dog coat is a fine wool lamb early embryo formed by primary follicles thicker hair, breastfeeding has gradually been replaced by unmyelinated. Therefore available as a wool textile raw materials only fluff, creepy and two 3 basic types. Villi distributions at the bottom of coarse wool. Fine wool is composed of fluff, fiber, on average less than 25 microns in diameter, length of 5~10 cm, soft curved, elastic, soft gloss. Creepy or coarse, dry hair and normal to freak, dead wool 3, form the outer layer of coarse wool is. Normal fineness of creepy 40~120 Micron, bent low, a lack of flexibility. Fine nervous Medulla of the less developed, relatively thick cortical layer, fiber flexibility, process a higher value. Organizational structure of dry hair the same as normal to freak, but sophisticated dry, lack luster. Dying hair Medulla developed, coarse hair, hard, fragile and brittle. Two types of hair, also known as intermediate hairs, its fineness and other process values fall somewhere in between fluff and creepy.

3. gross is the fibrous ingredients: wool and blended wool. Including hair, semi hair and highly modified hairs, its fineness and length and other appearance characterize the same which include coarse and low generation of modified hairs, hair unit composed of fluff, two hair-hair,

Mixture of wool and fibre width length is inconsistent, textiles value lower, mainly used as blankets, carpets and carpet products raw materials.