Chemical properties of wool

The main components of wool keratin, which consists of a variety of α-amino acid residue composition, which can be linked to form a spiral of long-chain molecules, containing a carboxyl group, amino and hydroxyl groups on it, forming salt bonds and hydrogen bonds between molecules, and so on. Long chains formed by cysteine disulfide Crosslinks are connected. Coat depends on the chemical structure of the characteristics mentioned above. Long chain macromolecules by the external tension of such as hair extending from the transition α-Helix to β-type force lifted back to Alpha, the look for wool stretching deformation and its excellent elastic recovery. Wool strong moisture absorption capabilities associated with the Group on the side chain. More acid instead of alkali-resistant wool, is due to alkali easily decompose wool of cystine disulfide radical damage to wool. Antioxidants can also disrupt disulfide radical damage wool.