Cashmere properties

Mountain cashmere has not rules of dilute and deep of curling, by scales layer and cortex layer composition, no pulp quality layer, scales density about for 60,170 a/mm, fiber cross section approximate round, diameter than fine wool also to fine, average fine degrees more in 14-16um, fine degrees not uniform rate small, about for 20%, length General for 35-45mm, strong elongation degrees, and hygroscopic is better than sheep hair, set slender, and thin, and soft, and sliding waxy, and warm Yu a. Moderate strength, elasticity, and is a natural and soft color. Cashmere's reaction to acid, alkali and heat sensitive than wool, even in low temperature and low concentration of acids and alkali conditions, damage is also evident, is especially sensitive to chlorine oxidant.

A thin, soft and warm. Pashmina is the finest form of animal fibers, Arbas cashmere fineness between 13um-15.5um, naturally curly, high, in the spinning and weaving of closely spaced, cohesion is good, so warm and Nice, is 1.5 to twice times the wool. Scales are small and smooth appearance of cashmere fiber, fiber with an air layer in the Middle, its light weight and feels smooth waxy.

Second, natural color. Fine cashmere fiber uniformity, density, rules of round cross section, high moisture, can fully absorb dye, not easily fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere has the advantages of gloss natural, soft, pure and beautiful.

Third, flexible and resilient. Cashmere fiber due to its curly curly, crimping rate, response rates were larger, suitable for processing as a plump, soft, elastic knitted fabric, wear comfortable and has good reduction characteristics, especially do not shrink when washed, shape maintenance of good.