Camel Hair Fibers

Camel Hair Fibers
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Among those famous camel hair fibers manufacturers in China, Xincui Cashmere is one of the professional camel hair fibers supplier, welcome to wholesale low price camel hair fibers made in China in stock from our factory.

Camel hair is collected from the Bactrian camel, which is found across Asia from eastern Turkey and China

Significant supplier countries of camel hair include Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, China, New Zealand and Australia.

Each camel can produce around five pounds (2.25 kg) of hair a year. Hair may be collected by shearing, combing or by collecting fiber shed naturally during the six to eight-week molting season in late spring.After collection, coarse and fine hairs are separated. Fibres are then washed to remove any dirt or debris and then spun into yarn suitable for weaving or knitting


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